1 thought on “Cold War Kids Tour Starts This Week”

  1. To the band,

    I saw your set in support of Cold War Kids in Chicago this past Saturday. I enjoyed it enough that I bought your EP at the show. Having both heard your EP and having seen you live, I wanted to pass along some thoughts. First off, keep doing what you do live. Your set was the best I have seen from a supporting act since I saw Patrick Watson open for Keane (and that is probably 25 shows ago). Secondly, when you record your next (first?) album, try to stay true to your live sound, which is exceptional by the way. The amazing guitar work I saw live is noticeably absent from the EP. Capture that live sound if you can. If you stay true to that sound, you will find the audience you deserve.

    Have fun opening for White Lies. I really dig “Farewell to the Fairground”. And best wishes on your continued success.

    Best regards,
    John B.

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