Our brew is here!

Our brew is here! Private Porter. We’re working in making it available everywhere, for now you have to find us to get one.

4 thoughts on “Our brew is here!”

  1. Just won 4 bottles in a concours from a belgium musicsite, and as me and my brother are into beertasting, very curious about it of course. Is it true that it is bottled somewhere in the netherlands, i found that info on ratebeer… And which other interesting info could be usefull to mention in our notes about this brew? (idea, name beer, which ingredients, easy/hard to get, …) thx

    1. This is a robust porter that we usually brew at home in LA. We worked with a brewery in the Netherlands to brew a larger quantity of our recipe. It was brewed at Sallands Landbier Brouwerij in Raalte. We used the following grains: Pilsmout,Munich, Cara 120, Choco, Roost. And Hops: Target, and Willamette. We also add Maple Syrup. Enjoy.

  2. And wait: which glass is perfect to pour and taste this, to make sure we can make the perfect and best fitting photograph with our taste note. Any foodpairing idea? Music pairing is easy of course: your inspiring music 😉

    1. I would recommend a pint glass or stein. Pairs well with morel mushrooms, Malaysian ghost peppers and opium.

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